Using launch creation workflows

What are launch creation workflows?

A launch creation workflow is a custom workflow that surfaces during intake when a launch is created. Launch creation workflows allow you to gather high-level information about how a launch uses data or whether a launch is using data in new or different ways, to help you understand the scope and needs of a launch. They’re also a powerful way to automate TerraTrue, since they can be used to trigger a range of custom actions based on users’ responses, giving you customizable ways to streamline your privacy reviews.

What can I do with launch creation workflows?

Our customers typically use launch creation workflows in conjunction with custom actions to automate the privacy review process. Here are some of the most common ways our customers are using launch creation workflows:

Understand the scope of new launches as they’re being created

Use launch creation workflows to ask specific questions about how much data a launch is likely to use, or whether a launch will use personal data at all. If the scope of a launch is sufficiently small, you can streamline your privacy review by automatically marking certain review teams as not required, or even marking the Data Spec as not needed. To get started, learn how to create and customize a launch creation workflow.

Automatically mark a Data Spec as not needed

The Data Spec generally takes no more than five minutes to complete, but not every launch warrants completing a Data Spec. Use a custom action in a launch creation workflow to automatically mark the Data Spec as not needed on launches that are sufficiently low-risk or narrow in scope.

Automatically mark a review team as required or not required

If responses to your launch creation workflow indicate that the scope of a launch is small, you can use custom actions to mark one or more review teams as not required. If your workflow indicates that a launch will use new or unusually high-risk data practices, you can use custom actions to mark certain review teams as being required for launch completion.

Determine if additional reviews are needed

Each time a new launch is created, use a custom workflow to ask if the launch contains any major or unexpected changes — like relying on a new vendor, implementing an internal structural change, or operating in a new legal jurisdiction. If the answer is yes, you can configure a custom action to automatically assign additional review teams to that launch.

Screen new launches directly from Jira

Use launch creation workflows in conjunction with TerraTrue’s Jira integration. Your Jira teams can answer questions directly in Jira, and if their responses suggest that no review is needed on a given launch, you can configure a custom action to mark that launch as complete in TerraTrue.

How do I create a launch creation workflow?

  1. Visit Workflow Library > Launch Creation Workflows
  2. Click Create new to open the launch creation modal
  3. Add a title and optional description to your workflow. 
  4. In the Overall Configuration section of the modal, select Launch creation
  5. Choose All Products to have this workflow appear in the launch creation flow for all of your launches. To limit this workflow to launches associated with one or more specific products, select Specific Products.
  6. Complete the remaining configuration questions, then click Confirm to enter the workflow builder
  7. In the workflow builder, add one or more questions and, if you wish, custom actions to your workflow. (To learn more about configuring custom actions, see Automating TerraTrue with custom actions.)
  8. Click Publish. Your workflow will appear in the launch creation workflow on the launches associated with the products you selected.

💡Learn more about creating workflows in the workflow builder in What are Workflows?

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