How do I add a custom workflow to launch summaries?

  1. Visit Workflows > Launch Workflows
  2. Click Create new to open the launch-creation modal
  3. Add a title and optional description to your workflow. 
  4. In the Overall Configuration section of the modal, select Launch summary
  5. In the Visibility section: 
    1. Select Always if you’d like the workflow to appear on all launch summaries, or Conditional logic to have the workflow appear based on responses to the Data Spec or the products, labels, or components associated with the launch.
    2. Choose if you’d like to show the on launch summary by default. If you’re using conditional logic, selecting this option will display your workflow on the summary page for new launches when your logic rules are met. If your visibility rules are set to Always, the workflow will appear on every new launch summary by default. Leaving this option will allow users to manually add this workflow to a launch summary.
  6. Complete the remaining configuration questions, then click Confirm to enter the workflow builder
  7. In the workflow builder, add and configure one or more questions. Optionally, add and configure one or more custom actions.
  8. Click Publish. Your workflow will appear on the summary pages of the launches that meet your visibility rules. (If you did not select the option Show on launch summary by default, users will be able to manually add this workflow to the launch summary.)

💡Learn more about creating workflows from the workflow builder in What are Workflows?

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