Launch Cloning

If you’re creating a new launch that closely resembles an existing one, you may want to duplicate that original launch instead of starting from scratch. This allows you to automatically populate a number of aspects of that launch, saving you time, but also giving you the flexibility to make additional modifications as needed. 


Creating a Launch Clone

To clone, first select the launch you would like to duplicate. From the launch summary page, click the “Clone” button right beneath the launch title.


A new, independent launch will be created, and TerraTrue will carry over the following details:

  • Launch Title (with a prefix: “Copy of ”)
  • Launch Description
  • Label(s)
  • Product
  • Component
  • Workflow responses
    • Data spec*
    • Custom workflows (launch creation and launch summary)*

*Note - although workflow responses carry over, the cloned workflow will not auto-submit them. This gives you the opportunity to review, and if necessary, make changes to those responses before submitting. Once submitted, any relevant custom actions will trigger. In this example, the cloned launch has auto-populated the Data Spec, but you must review and complete that workflow before moving on:


Launch History

To view details on what was automatically carried over to the clone, navigate to the History tab below the launch description.


Additional Details

There are a few aspects that are not populated in the cloned launch:

  • Launch status - this will reset allowing you to go through your standard review process.
  • Review team status - similar to launch status, this allows you to assign the proper resources for review.
  • Privacy worksheet - once a launch has been cloned, there may be subsequent changes made to the data spec. Resetting the privacy worksheet allows you to review based on the current information in the newly created launch. 

*Note - Within the cloned launch, TerraTrue will automatically add a link to the original launch under “Cloned From” in Links & Attachments. This link may be removed at any time choosing ’Unlink” from the menu. Removing it does not affect any details or workflow responses copied over into the clone.

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