How to build your intake process using Jira

Jira is a powerful productivity software that is commonly used in product development. If your product teams use Jira to scope, prioritize, and complete product development work, you would strongly benefit from using TerraTrue’s Jira integration.

Today, many teams try to assess potential risk in product developments by attending meetings, chasing down Product Managers, or reviewing new features after they’ve already been released. The core issues here are lack of visibility and lack of scalable process for flagging things that need to be proactively reviewed. 

Our Jira integration solves that by allowing product teams to automatically create a launch in TerraTrue when they start a new activity in Jira. And, you can use the same screening questions we talked about previously to screen out product developments that don’t actually require a full review. 

Through the integration, you can ask questions in Jira such as, “Does this feature collect new types of data?” 

  • If, for example, a product manager is simply creating a ticket in Jira to track a design update which doesn't actually involve personal data, they can answer “No”. TerraTrue will still create a launch and pre-fill the launch name and description with the Jira name and description. TerraTrue will also pre-fill the screening question, mark the Data Spec as not required, and mark reviews as not needed. The product manager in this case will not be asked to do anything further in TerraTrue. The review teams will still get a record of the launch show up in TerraTrue, and if they happen to have any questions about the launch they can reach out to that product manager. 
  • If the product manager is building something that does touch personal data, they would answer “Yes” to this question. TerraTrue will automatically create a launch, pre-fill the launch details and responses, and then prompt the end-user to head over to TerraTrue and finish a Data Spec.


This allows review teams to have full visibility into what’s happening on the product development side. And, by using TerraTrue’s dynamic Data Specs and Privacy Worksheets, you can quickly complete a review without acting as a bottleneck for product development. 

Your Customer Success Manager can help you configure this integration and get buy-in from your product stakeholders.

Ultimately, this process benefits them too as they can make sure they’re proactively addressing any risks before they’re close to the release. 

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