Creating Issues in Jira from TerraTrue Tasks

TerraTrue can automatically create a Jira issue based on a task. This allows you to assign work from TerraTrue to resources in Jira.

⚠️ Note: Before using tasks to create issues in Jira, an admin in your org must configure the Jira integration.

Configure Tasks to Jira issue creation

Navigate to Settings > Tasks > Jira and toggle the setting on:

Step 1 (required):  Create Jira Issue

  1. Select a Jira project from the drop-down menu, then pick the Jira issue type for the task-created issue.
  2. Select Continue to proceed to the next step.

Step 2 (required): Link related Jira issue 

  1. Select an issue link type from the drop-down menu to link the task-created issue to the launch-related issue.
    For TerraTrue launches that were triggered from Jira, you can use this field to select how the task-created issue will relate to the parent issue
  2. Select Continue to proceed to the next step.

Step 3 (optional): Sync review assignee

Enabling this setting eliminates the need to change assignee information within both platforms manually. Instead, assignee updates are automatically synced bidirectionally between TerraTrue and Jira. 

  1. Toggle Sync Review Assignee to Yes.
  2. Click Save to proceed to the next step or click Done to complete setup.

Step 4 (optional): Sync review status  

Enabling this setting allows bidirectional syncing between the task status in TerraTrue and the corresponding Jira issue status, so that status information is consistent between both platforms.

As a Jira user, you'll see the corresponding issue update when a TerraTrue user changes the status of the task so that it's easy for you to track its progress.

As a TerraTrue user, you can rely on the task to reflect the latest information on status even if results and progress are maintained in Jira so that you can use both systems effectively.

  1. Toggle Sync Status to Yes.
  2. Next, map TerraTrue task statuses to Jira issue statuses. You’ll need to map at least one status from both sides before they sync.
    Please note, when mapping a status from TerraTrue to Jira, the same status should be mirrored when mapping from Jira to TerraTrue, as seen in the example below.

  3. Click Done to complete setup.

Creating a Jira Issue from a Task

Once you’ve completed the configuration, you will now see a checkbox to “Create Jira Issue” when creating a task:


This will automatically create the Jira issue and provide a link to that issue in the task table as well as the task summary. 


In Jira, you will also see a link to both the associated task as well as the launch the task is assigned to.

Tip: this same functionality is available for tasks being created through a custom action.





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