How to create and manage Launch Types


If you plan to use TerraTrue for managing reviews of different categories of work or distinct types of purposes, using Launch Types is useful.

For example, your organization may want to treat launches related to product (or feature) development distinct from marketing. You can create a Launch Type specific for each of these types.

Launch Types allow you to make it easy for end-users to customize details for a specific kind of launch. When defining the Launch Type, the following can be specified:

  • Labels that get displayed by default for a launch of this type
  • Workflows (Launch Creation as well as Launch Summary Workflows) associated with launches of this type
  • Whether or not launches of this type require a  Data Spec, and if so, the type of the Data Spec -- Controller or Processor.
  • Review Teams that are required for launches of this type.
    • The completion of review by these Review Teams is sufficient to transition a launch to the "Completed" status. 

Create Launch UI

If you publish a Launch Type, end-users can use it as an option when creating a launch. Here's an example showing a choice of two published launch types when creating a new launch:

Screenshot 2023-11-27 at 11.14.41 PM.png

How to create and publish a Launch Type

To create a Launch Type, go to Launch Types under Settings. There, you'll see your Launch Types library. Click 'Add Launch Type' to get started. 

Screenshot 2023-11-27 at 11.17.56 PM.png

Collecting Third Party Info:

Screenshot 2023-11-27 at 11.20.08 PM.png

On this same screen, you'll also have the option to collect Third Party information directly on the launch. If you create a Launch Type for, say, "New Vendor Evaluations", you could toggle this option on. When a launch is created of this type, this will cause a prompt to type in the name of this third party. This will allow the data collected in the new launch to be automatically linked to the third party's profile. 

Customizing the rest of your Launch Type:

After customizing your Launch Type details, you'll be prompted to customize the LabelsLaunch Workflows, the Data Spec, and the Review Teams that are part of this Launch Type. Select the desired values for each of these sections.


After you define one or more Launch Types, please navigate to the Launch Type Settings Tab.

If you turn on “Launch type is Required”, then you need to also select a Default Launch Type for your org.

Default Launch Type is only used in integration scenarios (e.g. launches that are automatically created from a Jira or Ironclad Integration would map to the Default Launch Type specified).


Click "Publish Launch Type" at the top of the page when you have specified all the elements of the Launch Type. On publishing, the Launch Type will be available for use in launches.

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