Jira Webhook Rate Limiting


TerraTrue limits the rate of webhook requests it processes. This allows TerraTrue to provide a responsive and reliable service for customers. This article details the requests that will be rate limited.

When a Jira webhook is configured as described in Creating launches in TerraTrue from Jira issues a number of actions can take place in TerraTrue in response to received events. Launches may be created or updated. Also, review teams and tasks in TerraTrue that resulted in Jira issues for a launch may also receive status and assignee updates.

Rate Limiting Scheme

The table shown below provides details on the rate limiting scheme. Each entry represents an individual limit. For example, an organization may create up to 50 launches per minute from jira:issue_created events and may also create up to 50 launches in that same minute from jira:issue_update events.

Rate limited action in TerraTrue Jira Event Type Permitted requests per min.
Create launch jira:issue_created 50
Create launch jira:issue_created 50
Update launch (title, description) jira:issue_updated 100
Update review team (assignee, status) jira:issue_updated 60
Update task (assignee, status) jira:issue_updated 60

The rate limits provided are subject to change and will evolve to maximize the performance and reliability of the Jira webhook integration.

Rate Limiting Response

If the maximum number of requests has been exceeded for the current time window, an HTTP response with a status code of 429 (Too Many Requests) will be returned.

Jira Cloud offers an automatic webhook retry policy as described in their webhook documentation that will retry requests that TerraTrue has rejected in this way. Jira Server does not offer the same functionality.


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