How do I use launches as a data processor?

Controller vs Processor

TerraTrue offers privacy workflows for organizations that act as Data Controllers and Data Processors under GDPR. This article describes the Processor privacy workflow (Data Spec and privacy worksheet) features.

Note: Other articles that relate to the Data Spec and privacy worksheet commonly refer to the Controller versions unless explicitly stated otherwise.


Using the Processor Data Spec

To create a Processor launch, the Processor Data Spec must be used. This Data Spec can be published and edited within the Workflow Library > Data Spec page. This Data Spec must be published to be available for use within launches.

Note: the Controller Data Spec is referred to simply as the Data Spec. 

data spec workflow library.png

Default Privacy Workflow

You may choose which Data Spec, Controller, or Processor, is presented to launch users by default. This can be configured in the Data Spec workflow library (Workflow Library > Data Spec) by selecting a Data Spec and using the Edit Workflow button on its details page.

set default data spec.png

Data Spec Type Selection Custom Action

A workflow custom action is available for launch creation workflows that can set the Data Spec type, Controller, or Processor.

This allows you to ask qualifying questions during launch creation if your organization requires both Controller and Processor privacy workflows. 

set data spec custom action.png


Changing the Data Spec type on a launch

Users may change the type of the Data spec on the launch summary page, even after a Data Spec is begun. Some answers may be preserved when performing this action. The Controller Data Spec has more questions so these cannot be transferred into the Processor Data Spec when changing the type.

change data spec type

Processor Privacy Worksheet

When a Processor Data Spec is completed, a Processor privacy worksheet can then be added to the launch. The type of privacy worksheet is chosen automatically based on the Data Spec type, Controller, or Processor. The revised privacy workflow, Data Spec, and privacy worksheet are available in the menu as shown.

processor flow.png 

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