Launch Status

An important attribute of a launch is its status. The status of a launch captures its overall review status.

The status of a launch cannot be directly set by the user. It is influenced by the state of a few related elements of the launch, described in the table below.


Status When is the launch in this state?
Not Screened

When any one of the following conditions is true:

  • Any launch creation workflow (i.e., screener) is not yet complete.
  • All the required labels of the launch have not been set.
  • If the launch type configuration for this launch is set to collect third party information, but the third party has not yet been set on the launch.
Ready for Review

A launch moves past "Not Screened" to "Ready for Review" when:

  • None of the review teams associated with this launch have a status that has progressed beyond the default, initial review state of "Not started".
In Progress

The status of at least one review team status has been updated from its default, "Not started" state in any of the following ways:

  • A user has manually updated the review team status.
  • An automated update of the review team status happens through a workflow custom action.
  • The review team status has been updated through the launch type configuration.

All the review team statuses are in any of the following two states, denoting that reviews are not pending:

  • Complete
  • Not Needed

Any one review team status is marked as Rejected.


The launch status is displayed as a default column in Launchpad, so you can filter all your launches by this status. The launch status is also prominently displayed in the Launch summary page, to the right of the title of the launch.





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