What are workflow question and page display conditions?

This article is about page and question display conditions in workflows. Workflow visibility can also be configured by conditions, but this is not covered here.

TerraTrue supports the ability to configure display conditions for workflow pages and questions.  A display condition is a rule that when configured determines whether a particular page or question is shown.

  • If a question's display condition evaluates to true then it will be displayed to users so they can provide an answer.
  • If a page's display condition evaluates to true then it will be shown to users.

This feature allows workflow authors to create customized logic within their workflows to guide users through a desired set of questions based on the answers provided.

Display condition configuration 

Display conditions can be found at the bottom of the question and page configuration settings within the workflow builder. Once activated via the switch the display conditions can be edited. 

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The workflow builder can be used for many different workflow types within the Workflow Library. Support for display conditions by the various workflow types is described below.

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Display conditions consist of one or more Condition Groups where each group has.

  • A “Meets” value, is used to decide how to evaluate the overall result of the conditions within the Condition Group. A Condition Group either meets "All" or "Any" (ie. at least one) of the conditions in the group.
  • A collection of “Where" conditions that make up the group. Additional conditions within a group may be added via the Add Condition button.

Users may also supply one or more additional Condition Groups using the Add Condition Group button.

Display condition evaluation

When evaluating the overall display condition there are two steps. 

  1. Review the individual outcome, true or false, of each Condition Group.
  2. Review the overall outcome by combining the results of the or more Condition Groups that make up the display conditions. A logical AND operator is used when the results are combined, this is described in a condition evaluation example below.

If the overall outcome is true then the page/question will be shown. If a question is not shown because of its display condition it is considered skipped. A skipped question will not be considered by other display conditions in the workflow. As an answer has not been collected for that question, a condition cannot be evaluated against it. Also, if a page is not shown, nor are any of its questions.

Condition evaluation example

Given a display condition that has two Condition Groups; Condition Group A and B, the following table details the outcome of applying the mentioned AND operator between the groups.

Group A outcome Group B outcome Overall outcome
True True True
True False False
False True False
False False False


Individual condition configuration

A "Where" Condition has properties to allow you to customize how launch details, or other questions in the workflow, may trigger the display condition. These properties, Type, Condition, and Value, are discussed next.

Screenshot 2024-02-15 at 7.07.39 PM.png

  • Type, the type of condition, picked from the sub-categories Launch Details or Questions.
    • Launch Details provides access to the following launch data; Labels, Products, and Components. The workflow condition has access to the details of the launch it is attached to.
    • Only questions that come before the page or question can be used in its display conditions.
      • For pages this means only questions that exist in a prior page in the workflow.
      • If a question is moved before one it is connected to via a display condition, that part of the display condition is removed by the workflow builder automatically.
  • Condition provides a logical operator for the display condition. The available set of options is dependent on the selected Type.
    • Example conditions might include; “includes all”, “includes one of”, “matches” and the converse condition like “excludes all” and “excludes one of”.
    • A full reference to the set of available types per question type is provided below.
  • Values, a set of values that should be used to satisfy the condition. 
    • If the values match the Condition a positive value will be contributed to the overall display condition evaluation. 
    • Note, that for "Launch Details" Type conditions, the Values field is replaced with the selected launch detail. For example if “Label” is chosen as the Type, then all of the configured Labels will be available for selection as values in a field called Label.
    • Also, not all conditions require a value.

Display Condition example

In the display condition below multiple conditions have been added to the sole Condition Group, one using the launch details, and the other using a question.

Screenshot 2024-02-15 at 9.48.35 PM.png


Question display condition support

The following table shows the set of valid Condition values per question type.

All questions support Display Conditions, but they may be contextually disabled by the workflow builder, depending on the type of workflow as mentioned below.


Question Type Supported Conditions
  • Includes one of 
  • Excludes one of
  • Includes all
  • Excludes all
  • Matches
  • Does not match
  • Is one of 
  • Is not one of
Text Area
  • Is empty
  • Is not empty
Text Field
  • Is empty
  • Is not empty
  • Is one of 
  • Is not one of
  • Is empty
  • Is not empty
File Upload
  • Is empty
  • Is not empty
  • Is empty
  • Is not empty
  • Includes one of 
  • Excludes one of
  • Includes all
  • Excludes all
  • Matches
  • Does not match
  • *Has a high risk <taxonomy name>
  • *Does not have a high risk <taxonomy name>

*The Taxonomy question supports the various taxonomy types offered by TerraTrue


Workflow type support for display conditions

Launch Creation Workflows, Launch Summary Workflows, and Internal Surveys support the use of display conditions for all pages and questions.

Data Specs and Privacy Assessments are also workflows, but the use of display conditions is limited to only those pages and questions that have been added by users. Some of the original content of these specialized workflows is preserved by the workflow builder in line with their intended usage.


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