How to customize Send-As email to your own Organization's email domain

TerraTrue sends email notifications to inform you about important events, like when you are mentioned in a comment, requested to complete a questionnaire or provide activity updates. These notification emails, by default, come from TerraTrue <>. Depending on the configuration of IT Policy at an organization, emails like these may be flagged as [EXTERNAL] or include some other warning banner. This can lead to messages visually appearing cluttered or being flagged as spam by users. 

TerraTrue now offers you the ability to send these email notifications from a designated email address within your domain such as, by allowing you to change the sending (From:) email address. Replies to these notifications will still be routed back to our service.

Updating your email preferences requires filing a support request.

The customer needs to provide the following information:

The TerraTrue team will follow up with a request to the customer to install a few DNS records in their domain to authenticate our email(s).

  • CNAME for Bounce Record e.g. ->
  • CNAME for DKIM Selector e.g. ->
  • TXT for SPF records. e.g. v=spf1 -all
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