Getting started with the Slack integration

Linking TerraTrue to your org’s Slack workspace makes it easy to manage and monitor TerraTrue events and conversations from Slack. Users can create and manage launches from Slack, create Slack channels and threads from TerraTrue launches, and sync launch details and comments with Slack.

Setting up the Slack integration

Enabling the Slack integration in TerraTrue

  1. Ensure you have the Admin privilege in TerraTrue and the App Manager privilege in Slack

  2. In TerraTrue, visit Org Settings > Integrations > Slack

  3. Toggle on the Allow Slack integration switch. You’ll be redirected to Slack, where you’ll be asked to enable the integration on the Slack side. (If you’re unable to do so, you’ll need to reach out to your Slack App Manager.)

  4. If you’d like to require that all linked Slack channels be private by default, toggle on the Always use private Slack channels switch. (See Choosing public or private Slack channels to learn more.)

  5. High-five your neighbor ✋

Choosing public or private Slack channels

  To learn more about channel visibility in Slack, see Slack's article oPublic vs. private channels

By default, Slack channels created from TerraTrue launches are public — meaning they can be discovered, viewed, and joined by anyone in your Slack workspace. If that level of visibility isn’t right for your org, TerraTrue allows you to require that all Slack channels created from launches be private by default.

Private Slack channels are a powerful way to keep information secure, but can also limit transparency and collaboration. It’s best to consider your org’s security guidelines and culture when determining if you should enable this feature. If you choose to require private channels, there are a few things you should know:

  • When a TerraTrue user links a launch to a private Slack channel, the creator of the launch and everyone listed as a reviewer on the launch will automatically be added as members of the associated Slack channel
  • Slack users who aren’t added automatically to private TerraTrue-associated channels will not be able to discover, view, or join those channels without an invitation from an existing channel member
  • If a launch is already associated with a private Slack channel, adding someone as a reviewer on that launch will automatically add them to the associated private Slack channel
  • Any user with an invitation to the private channel — even those without TerraTrue accounts — can post comments to associated TerraTrue launches. (To learn more, see our article on identity management in the Slack integration.)

Public Slack channels are easy for users to discover and join, and are most useful for orgs with lower information-security risks or robust cultures of transparency. If you choose to keep TerraTrue’s default public visibility for Slack channels, be aware that any user in your Slack workspace — even those without TerraTrue accounts — can discover and join those channels, and can post comments to associated TerraTrue launches from Slack.

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