Configuring the email integration


TerraTrue’s email integration allows you to create launches and reply to comments via email. To create launches via email, simply send a message to the email address listed in the org setting. The email’s subject line will be the launch title and the body will become the description.

Creating launches via email

To enable launch creation via email, simply head to the email integration setting and turn on the "Launch Creation" toggle. You'll then see an email address that you can distribute to your org to create launches. You can copy the email address to your clipboard by clicking the clipboard icon.

The randomized email address TerraTrue provides can be hard to remember, but there are a few ways to make it easy to remember:

  • You can save the email address to your contacts with a name like "new launch." Then you'll only have to remember the contact name when you want to create a launch.
  • You can create a link on an internal wiki that members of your org can use to pre-populate a launch-creation email. You can even have the link pre-populate some info (e.g., <a href="mailto:<email_address>">Email Us</a>)
  • You can have your IT team setup an internal email address (e.g., that automatically forwards messages to the TerraTrue address.

Replying to comments via email

To enable replying to comments via email, enable the "Comments" toggle in the email integration setting. Once enabled, you can reply to any comment notification to automatically post a reply.

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