Creating and editing review teams

Review teams are the groups within your org that are designated as required approvers of launches. A launch cannot be marked as complete until all associated review teams have signed off. TerraTrue starts you off with a Privacy review team, but you can add as many review teams as you like. Many of our customers add Product, Security, or Marketing teams, but which teams to add, and when to add them, is totally up to you.

Creating review teams

  1. Visit Settings > Review Teams
  2. Click Create Review Team to open a new page
  3. Name your review team
  4. Using the toggle switch, choose whether to designate the team as a privacy review team. Doing so will give any member of that team the ability to edit privacy worksheets and complete privacy impact assessments
  5. Use the Quick Add tool to select and add users to your team
  6. Click Save

Review team tips

  • Only create review teams for groups that you'd like to serve as gatekeepers for the completion of launches. Users don’t need to be on a review team to create launches, complete Data Specs, or otherwise use TerraTrue.
  • Review teams can set their review status as “Not Needed.” You may want to add review teams even if they’re not needed for every launch — like your DPO or communications team — but don’t overdo it! Every review team must update their status to “Complete” or “Not Needed” before a launch can be finalized.

Modifying review teams

You can modify existing review teams by visiting Settings > Review Teams and selecting the review team you’d like to edit. Click the edit icon to rename the team or toggle whether the team is designated as a privacy review team.

Managing users on review teams

You can add or remove users from existing review teams by opening the Settings > Review Teams and selecting the relevant review team. From here, you can remove users from the team by clicking the delete icon and confirming your decision. You can add new users to the review team with the Add User to Team button in the upper right corner of the page

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