How do I use the GitHub integration?


TerraTrue's GitHub integration lets you associate pull requests with privacy reviews, so you can verify that products and features are developed exactly as approved.

This article will teach you how to use the GitHub integration. For help configuring the integration, see Configuring the GitHub integration

Associating pull requests with launches

To associate a pull request with a launch, add simply add a tag to the description of the pull request with the format TT-<launch number>. For example, if the launch number is 12, then the user should add TT-12 to the description.

Important information about launch tags

  • Launch tags aren't case sensitive, so you can use "tt" or "TT"
  • Launch tags must be on their own line in the description
  • If you'd like to associate a pull request with multiple launches, you can put them all on the same line separated with commas (e.g., TT-12,TT-16,TT-19)

Pull request in github.

In the above example, the pull request description contains four valid tags, so launches 226, 225, 224, and 223 would all be associated with this pull request. However, the first line contains launch tag TT-219 with other text, so it is ignored. 

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