How do I view and export privacy assessments (PIAs, LIAs, DPIAs and TIAs)?

Before getting started, there are two things you should know about privacy assessments:

  1. You must be a member of a privacy review team to view privacy assessments.
  2. TerraTrue generates exportable privacy assessments for cases where assessments are added to a launch or the privacy worksheet. In both cases the privacy reviewer must mark the launch as “Complete” for this to be exportable. In addition, for the case where an assessment is on a privacy worksheet, the privacy worksheet needs to be completed.


Launch summary page

To view a privacy assessment from the launch summary page, find and open any of your org's launches. If the privacy worksheet is finished and privacy review team is marked "Complete," you'll see the assessments listed in the bottom of the "Review" section. Click download to download the assessment.



Assessment Library

You can view and filter all of your org's privacy assessments in the Assessment Library. To access the Assessment Library, click the Privacy Central icon and then choose "Assessment Library" in the sidebar. From here, you can filter and download every assessment your org has completed.



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