Configuring access controls and permissions

You can set permissions for everyone in your org using the Identity & Access Management setting. TerraTrue has seven main permissions:

  • Workflow Managers can create, edit, and delete custom workflows.

  • Data Spec Viewers can view Data Specs, which contain information about how a launch collects, uses, shares, and retains data.

  • Data Spec Editors can edit Data Specs and determine how launches will collect, use, share, and retain data.

  • Privacy Worksheet Viewers can review Privacy Worksheets, which contain the privacy analysis and recommendations for launches.

  • Privacy Worksheet Editors can edit Privacy Worksheets, including any privacy impact assessments for the launch.

  • Privacy Managers can change the privacy org settings on TerraTrue, including the privacy policy permissions, privacy profile, privacy customizations, privacy notice generator, and more.

You can use Identity & Access Management to set org-wide permissions (just edit the permissions for “Everyone *”) or specific permissions for individuals and review teams. For example, you might want to give everyone in your Privacy review team the Privacy Worksheet Viewers and Privacy Worksheet Editors permissions. To do this, click the "Review Teams" tab and then assign those permissions to the "Privacy" team.

For more information about user permissions on TerraTrue, check out our detailed guide.

Important note

Any permissions you grant to “Everyone *” will apply to any non-Observers in your organization, even if the permissions for an individual user are more restrictive.


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