How do I use the Launchpad?

When you first log in to TerraTrue, you’ll see a page we call the Launchpad. The Launchpad is the easiest way to quickly check the status of privacy reviews and make sure you launch on time. By default, the Launchpad will show different sets of launches depending on your roles and permissions.

If you're on a review team, you'll see all of your org's launches by default. If you're not on a review team, you'll only see incomplete launches that you've created or been mentioned in.

You can filter launches using search or by clicking “Advanced” and filtering based on:

  • Reviewer
  • Team progress
  • Creator
  • Overall progress
  • Labels
  • Component
  • Data Spec status
  • Privacy worksheet status



You can save your searches and filters by clicking “Save Search.” When you save a search, it will be available from the sidebar whenever you visit TerraTrue. Simply click the saved search to update your Launchpad view.

You can also set any saved search as your default Launchpad view, so it's even faster to find the launches that matter to you the most.

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