How do I complete a Data Spec?

Completing a Data Spec is the first step in the privacy review process. Data Specs are quick workflows that help you document how a launch collects, uses, retains, and shares personal data.

To start a Data Spec, click the Begin Data Spec button on the launch summary page. From there, you’ll walk through a simple workflow to capture information about how the launch uses personal data. If you have any questions, click the blue “i” icons or reach out to your privacy team.



If you need help completing the Data Spec, you have two options:

  • You can leave a comment by clicking the message icon and mentioning someone in your org who may be able to help.
  • You can skip a question and come back to it later by clicking the flag icon. The Data Spec won't be marked complete until you've unflagged all of the questions in it.

Data Specs get smarter the more you use them. TerraTrue continually learns how your org uses data and will suggest answers based on prior launches. You can also import Data Specs when you’re working on launches that are similar to old ones — just click drop-down next to “Begin Data Spec” and choose “Import a Data Spec.”

Data spec field in privacy workflow.

If you’re working on a launch that doesn’t need a Data Spec, you can simply click the “Not Required” toggle next to the Data Spec.

Data spec set to not required.


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