Ironclad Integration Guide

TerraTrue’s Ironclad integration creates a two-way communication between Ironclad and TerraTrue that allows you to automatically create TerraTrue launches from Ironclad and send TerraTrue status updates to Ironclad.

This document will walk you through a few steps to configure the integration. We’ll also detail the data flow between Ironclad and TerraTrue. Finally, we’ll discuss how to specify which Ironclad workflows trigger webhook events.

Ironclad Integration Steps

Step 1: Create an API token

To access information in Ironclad, TerraTrue needs an API token. To create an API token: 

  • Log in to Ironclad
  • In the top right, click on your name and then Company Settings

Company Settings

  • In the menu on the left, click on API

Note: If you don't see the API menu option, you may need to enable API access in your Ironclad account. Please reach out to your Ironclad account manager and ask them to enable API access.

API panel in company settings.

  • On the API screen, type a descriptive name for the key in the Create New Token text box and then click Create.

Create token field.

  • Make sure you copy the new API token before you click “Confirm and close” because you’ll need it in a later step. If you don’t save the access token, you’ll need to create another one by repeating this step.

Save token confirmation.

Step 2: Enable the Ironclad integration in TerraTrue

  • Log in to TerraTrue
  • Navigate to the Ironclad integration settings (Org Settings > Integrations > Ironclad)
  • Click the “Enable Integration” toggle
  • Paste the API token you created in step 1 into the Access Token field and click Submit. If you see an error message, make sure you entered the correct API token or create a new API token in Ironclad.

Screenshot 2023-10-16 at 12.40.52 PM.png

Step 3: Configure optional settings

Launch triggers

The Launch Triggers section allows you to specify which Ironclad workflow templates and fields trigger a launch in TerraTrue.
First, select the workflow templates that should trigger a launch. Next, you have the option of selecting trigger fields and capture fields.

  • Not selecting any trigger fields for a workflow template means all workflows created in Ironclad with that template will trigger launches.
  • Selecting a field that is a Yes/No question type will create a launch whenever a user answers “yes” to that question in Ironclad. For example, you could create a Yes/No question in Ironclad that asks if the agreement will involve sharing data with a third party. If the Ironclad user answers "yes," a TerraTrue launch will be created.
  • Selecting any other field type will create a TerraTrue launch whenever that field contains an answer. For example, if you select Counterparty Name, a TerraTrue launch will be created whenever a name is entered in the Counterparty Name field.
  • Selecting capture fields will pull those field values into each launch created from Ironclad and will make those fields available for use in launch workflow pre-population.

Screenshot 2023-10-16 at 12.48.13 PM.png

Send status updates to Ironclad

When a launch is created via the Ironclad integration, we send a comment to the Ironclad workflow with a link to the TerraTrue launch.

You can also opt in to having status updates sent back to Ironclad whenever the launch or review team status changes. To enable this functionality, toggle on the “Send status updates to Ironclad” selection.

Import signed documents from Ironclad

Once the legal document is signed by the counterparty, you have the option to automatically import the signed document into the launch as an attachment. To enable this functionality, toggle on the “Import signed documents from Ironclad” selection.

Step 4: Add a webhook to Ironclad

  • From the Ironclad integration setting in TerraTrue, copy the URL in the Webhook section
  • In Ironclad, navigate back to Company Settings > API 
  • Click “Create Webhook” at the bottom of the API screen
  • Paste the webhook in the Target URL field
  • Select “workflow_launched”,  “workflow_updated”, "workflow_attribute_updated" and "workflow_signature_packet_fully_signed" in the Events field
  • Click Create to save your webhook

Using the Ironclad Integration

Create a launch using Ironclad

In Ironclad, create a new workflow using any Launch Trigger criteria that was specified in the Ironclad integration setting in TerraTrue. After submitting the workflow, a launch will be created in TerraTrue and a comment will be added to the workflow with a link to the launch. 

Review a launch created with Ironclad

  • Click the link to the TerraTrue launch or find the launch on the Launchpad.
  • When opening a launch created via the Ironclad integration, you will see that the Ironclad workflow title was copied to the launch. If an agreement date is provided by the workflow, then the release date will have that value. If no agreement date is provided, then the release date will be three weeks from the creation date.
  • Also, you will see a link to the related Ironclad workflow in the Links section of the launch.

Screenshot 2023-10-16 at 2.01.29 PM.png


Workflow Comments

  • On launch creation, a comment is sent to the corresponding workflow.
  • If Send Status was selected in the Ironclad integration setting, changes to launch review team status and launch status are sent as comments to the workflow.

Screenshot 2023-10-16 at 2.03.46 PM.png

Security Considerations

The Ironclad Integration is a bidirectional communication between Ironclad and TerraTrue. As a result, we ask you to provide an API token so that we can authenticate with your Ironclad instance. API tokens are independent of your Ironclad password, so deleting the token will not affect your ability to log in. Using the API token, TerraTrue will have admin access to public API calls to your Ironclad instance. If you have any questions, email

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