How does the review process work?

Once you’ve created a launch, it’s time to assign reviewers and start identifying and mitigating risks. While we tend to focus on privacy, TerraTrue can help any team — from security to engineering to trust and safety — review and approve launches before they go live. 

The launch review process typically involves three simple steps:

  1. Assign reviewers
  2. Complete a Data Spec
  3. Complete a Privacy Worksheet

Assigning reviewers is simple. From the launch summary page, click menu button underneath each review team and select the user you’d like to complete the review. Once assigned, each reviewer will receive notifications for that launch — such as when important changes are made or when the due date is approaching.

Clicking through the summary page.

Note: user will need specific permissions in order to update and assign review status. Please reference Review Team's Assignee and Status for more information. 

Completing a Data Spec is the first step in the privacy review process. Data Specs are quick workflows that help you document how a launch will collect, use, retain, and share personal data. Data Specs are usually completed by product managers, designers, or engineers that are working on the launch. To start a Data Spec, just click the Begin Data Spec button on the launch summary page.

Begin data spec on privacy workflow.

If you’re working on a launch that doesn’t need a Data Spec, you can simply click the “Not Required” toggle next to the Data Spec. This is most common when your launch doesn't collect or use personal data in new ways.

Checking that the workflow does not need a data spec.

Import a Data Spec

If there is an existing launch and data spec that resembles the one you are working on, you can import that data spec into the new launch. This will automatically bring those responses into the new data spec while still allowing you to make adjustments as needed. 

To import a data spec:

  1. Select the three dot menu and choose Import Data Spec:
  2. Search or browse for the relevant completed data spec:
  3. Review responses and make updates as needed. 

Completing a Privacy Worksheet is the final step in the privacy workflow. When the Data Spec is completed, the Privacy Worksheet will automatically unlock. Privacy Worksheets are usually completed by a privacy specialist, like a privacy or product counsel. If you’re responsible for completing the Privacy Worksheet, click Begin Privacy Worksheet on the launch summary page to get started.

Completing a privacy workflow.

When the Privacy Worksheet is complete and any recommendations are addressed, the review is finished. Reviewers can update their status by clicking on their initials and selecting from Not Started, In Progress, Complete, Rejected, Blocked, or Not Needed.

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