Configuring products and access groups

Products in TerraTrue provide a way to group launches together and to manage access to these launches.

When your organization is initially provisioned on TerraTrue, it is pre-configured with a single product called 'Default' to which all your users have access.

As you configure additional products, you then choose which (or all) users should have access to these products and hence the launches associated with them. What users can do with a launch they have access to continues to be determined by the user's Identity and Access Management (IAM) permissions described in this guide.

When you create a new launch, you will be prompted to select which product it belongs to. You can always change that selection later. But keep in mind: A launch cannot belong to more than one product.

Access to a product is managed by access groups. To grant a user access to a product, you add the user to one of the access groups you have associated with the product. Access groups provide a more scalable way to manage access as they can be reused across multiple products.

How do I configure access groups?

Consider this example. Alice and Bob are two researchers working on an experimental product called Research X. To provide them access to view launches for product X while denying access to others, follow these steps.

1. Under Settings > Access Groups, click Create New to create an access group. In this example, we’ll call it Access Group Research X.

2. On that page, click Add Users, search for Joyce, and add her. Your page will then look like the image below. Click Save.

3. Under Settings > Products, click on the Create New button to create a product called Research X.

4. On that same page, click the Add Group button to select the access group created in Steps 1 and 2. When done, click Save.

From then on, Joyce (as well as members of review teams) can see all the launches filed for product X.

Important considerations:

  1. TerraTrue provides a built-in (dynamic) access group called 'Default' which contains all your users. This access group cannot be modified or deleted. Additional built-in access groups will be provided soon to more conveniently manage access to members of review teams.
  2. TerraTrue provides a built-in product called 'Default'. This product cannot be modified or removed. When a product is subsequently deleted, all its launches (if any) will become part of the 'Default' product and made accessible to all your users.
  3. For now, any user who is a member of a review team automatically gets access to all products in order to be able to conduct their review. This will change soon; when it does, we’ll let you know.
  4. The user who created a launch can access that launch even if it is not in a product for which they have access. This is intended to help ensure that the launch creator is able to properly interact with the review team and act on their recommendations.

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