How do I mute org-wide email notifications?

TerraTrue sends automated emails to notify users in your org of important activity in TerraTrue — like changes to launches, updates to permissions, or confirmation of certain actions. These notifications are an important part of how TerraTrue keeps your team up to date, and we don't recommend permanently muting them. Still, there are occasions when you may wish to temporarily mute emails notifications, like when onboarding large numbers of new users, we allow users with the Admin permission to do so at the customization settings page.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Customization > Settings
  2. Find the Mute notifications for all users in your org setting, and toggle on the switch
  3. You'll receive a small confirmation notice in the lower-left corner of the page. Automated email notifications will remain muted for users in your org until this switch is toggled off.


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