How do I view responses to my launch workflows?

You can view a list of all of your launch workflows and see a collated view of responses across users and launches by visiting Workflows > Launch Workflows and selecting the workflow you'd like to view:

  1. Select the Workflow Details tab to get key information about the workflow, its visibility, and its configuration. To edit these details, click the Edit Workflow button.
  2. Select the Summary tab for a visual, version-by-version summary of all responses to that workflow across users and launches. Use the Revision menu to filter responses by one or more versions of the launch workflow.
  3. Select the Related Launches tab to display a list of each launch that the workflow has been used for, and to view responses to the workflow on a launch-by-launch basis.

For a full, collated list of all of your workflows — including third-party assessments and internal surveys — visit Org Settings > Workflows.

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