Getting started with the Jira integration

What is Jira?

  For a super-duper comprehensive overview of Jira, visit Jira’s tutorial portal

Jira is a powerful work-management tool from Atlassian that helps teams track, manage, and document their work. Although Jira can be used for all kinds of work, it’s especially popular with software-development and product-management teams and is widely used across the technology industry.

Six Jira terms for privacy managers to know

You don’t need to be a Jira expert to use TerraTrue’s Jira integration, but it helps to get familiar with some key Jira terminology:

    • Issues are the building-blocks of Jira. Each Jira issue tracks an individual piece of work that needs to be completed. Issues can vary from one team to another, and might represent anything from a customer-service ticket to an individual project task. For software teams, issues typically represent things like new features, software bugs, or user needs.
    • Issue types are ways of identifying, categorizing, or reporting on work being done across Jira by all teams. Many software teams organize their issues into a hierarchy of epics, stories, and tasks, with epics representing the largest pieces of work.
    • Projects are collections of issues that appear on a board to coordinate the development of a product or track a project.
    • JQL is Jira’s advanced search-query language. It allows you to search for issues using criteria not available in the basic search functionality, like project name, issue types, and custom fields.
    • Custom fields are created by an organization’s Jira admin to help categorize and organize Jira issues. The information in Jira custom fields can be passed through to TerraTrue to help with automations.
    • Statuses indicate where work is in the current workflow.

How does TerraTrue’s Jira integration help my privacy program?

Is TerraTrue’s Jira integration right for my privacy program?

Jira can be daunting for new users, but it’s popular, powerful, and effective. If your org uses Jira, enabling the integration will let you bring your privacy reviews to a platform your colleagues are already familiar with — meaning your reviews get the right visibility at the right times. And by opening a two-way, highly automated line of communication between Jira and TerraTrue, the integration makes it significantly easier for privacy managers to keep an eye on work being conducted in Jira.

What are some things I can do with the Jira integration?

  1. Automatically begin privacy reviews each time a Jira issue is created. Create a launch in TerraTrue and simultaneously begin a privacy review each time a new Jira issue is created. 
  2. Create launches from Jira issues. Each time an issue is created in Jira, a launch will automatically be created in TerraTrue, with the issue’s summary, description, creator, and due date copied into the launch summary.
  3. Allow users to complete TerraTrue workflows directly in Jira. Meet your colleagues where they are by allowing users to respond to TerraTrue questions in Jira.
  4. Use Jira to organize and control access to TerraTrue launches. Use Jira projects to automatically assign new launches to TerraTrue products and their associated access groups. 
  5. Get real-time updates in TerraTrue when important events happen in Jira. When a Jira issue's title, description, or due date is updated, the associated TerraTrue launch will import and update that information automatically.
  6. Use information from Jira to pre-populate questions in launch workflows. Use the values of Jira custom fields to pre-populate questions in your launch workflows, allowing you to automatically mark launches as completed or ready for review, depending on the information gathered from Jira. 
  7. Automatically post comments to Jira when important launch events occur. From TerraTrue, a comment can be automatically sent to the original Jira issue each time a change is made to a launch. When a launch is completed, a label can be automatically added to the associated Jira issue to show that the launch is complete.
  8. Use screening questions to filter which Jira issues will create launches. Create simple TerraTrue workflows for users in Jira to determine if a launch is needed in TerraTrue and to automatically mark certain launches as not requiring a review or Data Spec being.

How do I set up the Jira integration?

  To enable and configure the Jira integration, see Connecting Jira to TerraTrue


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