Creating launches in TerraTrue from Jira issues

TerraTrue can be configured to create a launch automatically each time an issue is created in Jira. The Jira issue’s summary, description, creator, and due date will be copied into the launch summary.

Available to:
TerraTrue Administrators

⚠️Note: Before creating a launch using Jira, a global admin in your org must configure the Jira integration.

Step 1: Define a Jira Webhook

  1. From the TerraTrue Jira Integration page, click the top Configure button1x1x1.png
  2. Copy the URL in the Webhook section 1x1x2.png

  3. In Jira, navigate to Settings > System > Webhooks or go to https://<your_Jira_instance>
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to create a Webhook in Jira1x1x4.png
  5. In TerraTrue, click Continue

Step 2: Create launches for Jira update events

You now have the option of creating a new launch in TerraTrue when an existing Jira issue is updated to meet the criteria defined in your webhook.

  1. Enable the toggle to turn this feature on
  2. Click Save & Continue to proceed to the next step1x2x2.png
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