Pre-populating workflow responses using Jira custom fields

TerraTrue can use information from Jira to automatically populate fields and respond to questions in your launch workflows. Information from Jira issues cannot be used to populate the Data Spec, but you can always attach a custom workflow to the Data Spec to capture this information.

  1. Find the desired workflow in Org Settings > Workflows and click Edit to enter the workflow builder
  2. In the panel on the left side of the page, select the question you wish to pre-populate from Jira custom fields
  3. Toggle on the Pre-Population switch at the bottom of the question editor
  4. In the Type menu, select Launch
  5. In the Value menu, select Custom Field
    • ⚠️Please note that only one custom field can be selected per question.
  6. In the Item menu, select the Jira custom field that will populate as the answer. (Note that only one custom field can be selected per question.)
  7. Click Publish. Now this questionnaire will have its answers automatically completed based on the information entered in Jira custom fields.

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