Creating and editing labels

Labels are one of the most powerful ways to organize and filter launches across TerraTrue. Every TerraTrue label belongs to a group. For example, your org might create a Product Team label group containing labels for individual teams within your org (such as Marketing and Growth). You can then use these labels to create Launchpad filters to show you only information relevant to your team. You can add labels when you first create a launch, or by visiting the Labels section of the launch summary page.

Users with the Admin role can create and manage labels.

Creating label groups

  1. In Settings > Labels, select the + Label Group button from the bottom of the page
  2. Name your new label group
  3. To allow users to select multiple labels from this label group, click the Allow multiple checkbox
  4. To require users to select at least one option from this label group, click the Make required checkbox
  5. In the Sort by menu, choose how you'd like the labels in this group to appear
  6. Select a color for your label group; all labels in this group will appear with the color you select
  7. Using the purple + button, add one or more labels to your label group, and click Save

Managing labels

  1. In Settings > Labels, select the label group you'd like to manage
  2. Click the pencil icon to edit the label group
  3. To remove labels, click the x icon on each label; to edit a label's name, click on the label directly
  4. To add labels, use the purple + button
  5. Click Save

Some common label groups from TerraTrue users

  • Business unit
  • Product team
  • Platform
  • Release version
  • Engineering complexity
  • Feature

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