Connecting Jira to TerraTrue

TerraTrue’s Jira integration makes it easy to create new launches from Jira issues. We’ll walk out through the few steps of connecting Jira to your TerraTrue account to enable the integration.

Available to:
TerraTrue Administrators

⚠️ Note: You will need to use the login credentials from a JIRA admin to complete the integration.

Step 1: Create an API Token (Jira Cloud only)

⚠️ Note: For Jira Server you do not need to create an API token, a user’s password may be used.

To access your Jira instance, TerraTrue needs a way to authenticate with your system using an API token.
To create an API token:

  1. Log in to Jira
  2. Go to
  3. Click Create API token
  4. Save the token value so you can use it in a later step


⚠️ Note:
• The Jira permissions granted by an API token will be the same as those of the account associated with the API token.
• API tokens exist until they are revoked (deleted).
• API tokens are independent of a user’s login password, so revoking the token will not affect the Jira user’s login.

Step 2: Enable the Jira Integration in Org Settings

  1. Log in to TerraTrue
  2. Navigate to Org Settings > Integrations > Jira 
  3. Fill out the required fields as follows:
  • Select Jira Cloud or Jira Server as your method of connection
  • Jira Instance URL: https://<your_Jira_instance>
  • Username: <Username associated with Jira account from step 1>
  • API Token: <API token from step 1>

  • Click Connect 
  • Once you’ve successfully enabled the Jira integration you will have three different configuration options. You may want to configure one or several of these, depending on what best suits your needs.Connected_to_Jira.png

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