Pre-populating launches and workflows in TerraTrue from Jira

TerraTrue can use information from Jira to automatically populate labels and respond to questions in your launch workflows. Information from Jira issues cannot be used to populate the Data Spec, but you can always attach a custom workflow to the Data Spec to capture this information.

Available to:
TerraTrue Administrators

⚠️ Note: Before using Jira to pre-populate launches and workflows, an admin in your org must configure the Jira integration and define a Jira webhook.

Step 1: Automate workflows with Jira custom fields

When creating a launch from Jira, you have the option of storing the Jira issue’s custom fields and using them to pre-populate answers to custom workflows. This can save time and reduce the need for developers to switch between Jira and TerraTrue.

  1. From the TerraTrue Jira Integration page, click the middle Configure button2x1x1.png
  2. You’ll see a list of the available Jira custom fields. Each field you select will be sent to TerraTrue and can be used in custom workflows associated with a launch.2x1x2.png

  3. Select the fields you want to be monitored and click Save & Continue to proceed to the next step.


Step 2: Map labels to Jira fields

You can map the available TerraTrue labels to Jira fields in order to pre-populate those automatically as labels in launches created from Jira.
Once an event is sent from Jira to TerraTrue, the label on the launch will be set if the target label has a value that matches the Jira Field value.
This is useful when you want to set required labels and categorize launches. 

  1. Select a Jira project from the drop-down menu.2x2x1.png

  2. Select the Jira field from the drop-down menu that you would like to map to the corresponding TerraTrue label group.2x2x2.png

  3. Click Save & Continue to proceed to the next step2x2x3.png


Step 3: Map Jira projects to a TerraTrue product

In Jira, projects are a way of grouping issues together on a board. In TerraTrue, products work in a similar way — they allow you to group launches together to help organize reviews and to control which users can access certain launches.

With the Jira integration enabled, you can link one or more Jira projects to any TerraTrue product, so that any launch created from those Jira projects will automatically be assigned to the associated product in TerraTrue. This feature is a helpful way to control access to launches in TerraTrue and allows you to use Privacy Central to pull reports for specific products using a quick filter.

  1. Click Add Product2x3x1.png

  2. In the Product dropdown menu, select the TerraTrue product you’d like to associate with one or more Jira projects
  3. In the Jira Projects dropdown menu, select one or more Jira projects to map to the selected TerraTrue product
  4. Click Add2x3x4.png

  5. Click Save & Finish2x3x5.png


Step 4 (Optional): Managing mapped Jira projects in TerraTrue 

  1. Visit Org Settings > Integrations > Jira > Product Mapping
  2. In the table, locate the product-mapping item you’d like to manage
  3. Select the three-dot menu at the left of the item
  4. Click Edit to add or remove Jira projects from the mapping, or Delete to delete the mapping



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