Creating issues in Jira from workflow responses in TerraTrue

The workflow builder can configure a custom action to trigger in response to answers provided in a custom workflow. With the Jira integration enabled, you can raise Jira issues based on responses to questions in the custom workflow. 

Available to:
TerraTrue Administrators

⚠️ Note: Before using TerraTrue workflow responses to create issues in Jira, an admin in your org must configure the Jira integration.


Step 1: Make Jira projects available to the workflow builder

To get started, you must first identify which Jira projects are available to the workflow builder.

⚠️Note: Please ensure that projects in Jira along with their issue types remain valid so that TerraTrue triggers continue to work.

  1. From the TerraTrue Jira Integration page, click the third Configure button3x1x1.png

  2. Click the Add Project button to view a list of Jira projects and their issue types3x1x2.png

  3. Select a project from the drop-down menu, then pick the default Jira issue type you would like to create and click Add 3x1x3.png

  4. Once you’ve made your selection, click Save & Continue to proceed to the next step3x1x4.png

•The issue types available depend upon which Jira project is selected.

•Sub-tasks cannot be created since these need to be created under a parent issue.
•Epics cannot be created since they are parent issues that require additional information.


Step 2: Mapping Jira fields to TerraTue launch attributes (Custom Fields mapping)

Now that you’ve selected which projects should be exposed to the workflow builder you can now map TerraTrue launch attributes to Jira fields within each of those projects. Those attributes will sync with relevant Jira issues that are created from your workflow automations.

  1. Select a Jira project from the drop-down menu3x2x1.png

  2. In the Jira Field dropdown menu, select which Jira field you’d like to associate with that launch attribute
  3. Click Save & Finish3x2x2.png
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