What is TerraTrue, and how do I use it?

What does TerraTrue do?

TerraTrue is a powerful web platform that makes it easy for fast-moving teams to conduct security and privacy reviews. Built on a simple question-and-answer interface, TerraTrue gives privacy managers the power to be in more places at once while empowering teams of all kinds to work security and privacy into the entire lifecycle of their projects. 

How does TerraTrue work?

TerraTrue is built on a simple, three-step process that helps any team initiate and complete a privacy and security review for any project:

  1. Launch a review

    A project owner kicks off a privacy review for an upcoming project (any project!) by creating a launch in TerraTrue. 

  2. Document your data

    Once a launch is created, a knowledge owner fills out a quick Data Spec to capture how the project will use data. The Data Spec is a super-simple, five-minute workflow that helps you document in broad strokes how a project will collect, use, share, and retain data.

  3. Get tailored privacy and security guidance

    TerraTrue uses info from the Data Spec and your org’s launch history to generate a unique privacy worksheet for your project, then sends it to a privacy or security specialist in your org. Once the privacy worksheet is complete, TerraTrue will flag and document any risks and provide a list of recommended actions to ensure the project is secure, compliant, and ready to ship.

What is a launch?

Launches are the atomic units of TerraTrue, and the primary way to track products, features, and processes that need review. Launches work like tickets, and alert your privacy team of an upcoming project to help them plan and track a security and privacy review from start to finish. Launches take only a few seconds to create — either directly in TerraTrue, or through our integrations with Slack, Jira, and email.

What do I need to know before I start using TerraTrue?

Launches can track any project that might need security or privacy review

Anyone with a clear understanding of how a project will use data can request and track a privacy review by creating a launch in TerraTrue. For new software features, that’s usually a product manager or engineer. For projects involving employee data, it’s probably an HR professional. For onboarding new eCommerce advertising tools, it’s more likely to be a marketing director or manager. Many TerraTrue customers start off by giving a few specific teams or product leads the ability to create launches based on a product roadmap. Over time, it's easy to expand your privacy program by bringing more people into the fold.

Launches can fit flexibly into your team’s culture and processes

TerraTrue can track your entire product roadmap or only those products, features, and processes that use personal data in a new way.

If you’d like to use TerraTrue to track your entire product roadmap, we offer powerful features to organize launches — like labels and components — and simple ways to notify product teams when a launch doesn't need to be reviewed.

If you only want to track products, features, and processes that use personal data in a new way, you’ll need to educate launch creators about the types of products and processes that need review. Many customers provide this education through an onboarding session or written guides. If you’d like a hand creating training materials, contact us for some helpful templates.

Launches work best when they’re created as early as possible

TerraTrue’s secret sauce is that it helps privacy managers keep tabs on projects from the very beginning of the project lifecycle. Creating a launch takes only a few seconds and immediately notifies the privacy team that they'll have a product or feature to review in the near future.

Launches can integrate with the tools you’re already using

It’s super simple to create launches directly in TerraTrue, but you can also create launches from Slack, Jira, and email using our powerful integrations.

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